Thursday, 1 August 2013

Welcome to the blog!

Hi all!

Welcome to the 1st post of my new blog! Isn't it shiny? (First Firely reference, 1 line in, I think that sets the tempo). So I think you can probably guess what this blog is going to be about and the kind of things I plan to write about, just by looking at the title and description. I have noticed that there arent many Fatherhood blogs around as there could be, especially not ones basically written by a man who is deep down inside still a child himself (and proud of it). My wife describes me as the sillyest man alive, which I think is a fair assessment. There is a time and place for being sensible, and all I'm trying to say, is that it's about 3% of your life and the rest of the time you just have to do what you can to have a laugh! I love fun, and I think if you make up a list of the types of people that have the most fun in the world, then you're probably going to end up with a list of kids (and Andrew WK). Their imagination, and the enjoyment that they get out of it and the world simply doesnt exist in the majority of adults by the time a few years of work, taxes, politics, news and not having Summer holidays off school have inevitable crushed their soul into non-existance. Therefore that's type of person I am, hello! and therefore that is the type of blog I am going to write. Is fatherhood as scary, exciting, new, hopeful, poo-filled, sleep deprived, amazing, loving rollercoaster of pant-wetting fun as I think it's going to be? IS IT? I think it will be, and I will write it either way.

So basically to sum things up, a year ago I got married to my lovely wife Lucy, and now a year later, it is our wedding anniversary next week and BAM! Here we are with this:

Lucy is pregant with a beach ball and we have out first child on the way! It's a boy, and we have decided to name him Albert (not George).

So hopefully in the weeks, months and years to come, I will be charting the progress of Albert and I, as we are born (him not me), grow up (probably him more than me) and make our way through the world out there (both of us). I plan to do a few posts to begin, starting off next time with the conception (sticky), through the pregnancy (bumpy), and all the way up to now (especially bumpy), giving you my view of it all. Hope to speak to you soon!

Any other new dads, or new-dads-to-be out there that stumble upon this then say hi!



  1. Hey! (One of Lucy's friend's stopping by to drop comments!)

    Firefly - love it! Also love Castle - there's regular mentions (well not full on "This is from Firefly!!") but mentions like while at a version of ComicCon, Beckett tells Castle there's been a murder and he replies with "Oh! Shiny!" also there was a dig to Josh Whedon (BTW have you seen his version of Much Ado About Nothing? Tempted to download it but the boys in my house aren't really Shakespeare fans.....)

    Life is too short to be serious all the time - I get sometimes you need to be serious and grown up (or at least pretend to be as our team meeting yesterday proved when we all got silly and giggly and had to be told to hush up at least once if not twice!)

    Can't guarantee I know about Fatherhood (As I'm a girl and all!) but I'm foster Mum to a teen - yep how the heck did that happen??!?! I think once you get over the shellshock of having this tiny life to take care of and that you can't take him back for an exchange it gets better - I'm still convinced that Social Services will come and knock on the door and tell us there was a mistake and Our Sidekick wasn't meant to come live with us......

    Albert is a great name - My Grandad is an Albert too so I'm kind of biased. There is something about old-ish fashioned names that I really like. Rather than more modern names......I want a name that my kid can be proud of, after all they've got to carry it around with them for the rest of their lives even after I've gone.

    Anyway - that's an essay of a comment and I need to go and get on with what I was actually doing before I stumbled onto FB...again!

    (Sorry about that - I seemed to have screwed up my first comment.......let's try again!)

  2. Loving the blog idea! Can't wait to read it, will be really interesting to get a guys perspective!!! Xxx carm

  3. Brilliant idea for a blog, LB! Looking forward to reading all about your journey as a new dad to the lovely Albert. Susy x

  4. Thanks for the comments and taking the time to read. I have written another post today (to go up shortly) and it's been pretty cathartic. Is this how authors feel? I might give up work and write books for a living and buy a big leather writer's chair and a new laptop. It's nice to have a bit of a purpose if people want to read it and catch up. Cheers :)