Thursday, 3 July 2014 Book Review

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It's my first post for a while, I've been a busy chap! As anyone who has ever even seen a child knows, they can be pretty exhausting. Even looking at one can tire you out. Father's day has come and gone, and I didn't even get to post about it! We had a great day, I slept past 9 o clock!

Anyway, after my last post about reading to Albert, I was contacted by a great company called, who do personalised books for children. The books are called The Little Boy Who Lost His Name and The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name. They asked if Albert and I would like to try one out so we jumped at the chance, any excuse to read Dad!... He would have said could he form coherent sentences. I wanted to choose Liam but my wife said I should choose Albert, as the book would be more his age range what with it being for children.

The idea behind the books is that one day a child wakes up and has lost their name (It happens, we've all been there). They go on all sorts of adventures and meet all sorts of crazy creatures and characters, and each of these gives the child a letter of their name. By the end of the book they have all the letters they need and have found out what their name is again! As the book is personalised each one is different, the the story changes depending on what the child's name is. There is a boy and girl version as well to make it more tailored to the child, although the story theme seems similar for both, they aren't too overly girly or boy-ey, just a good adventure story that all children would like.

Another thing I liked about the book, is that it's a great size and weight (A4 landscape). It's printed on good quality card as well (which is environmentally friendly, save the trees and that) All in all it feels like a really good solid book, it would stand up well to multiple readings without tearing or scrunching (or eating in Bert's case). The art work is pretty unique as well and is illustrated brilliantly. Some of the characters are great, such as a polar bear with sunglasses and a giant flying eagle. I especially liked a Viking who mentions that he isn't into pillaging, he is much more into baking (I can relate). I chuckled at his wisdom that it's what you do in life that matters… like making great ciabattas. How true Viking, how true.

I thought the story for Albert's book was great, 
I was surprised how much I could relate.
There is a subtle rhyming that goes all the way through, 
Which I'm sure kids would like too. 
Who doesn't like their books to rhyme?
Overall, the wording is mighty fine.

I read the story to Albert and he sat still and enjoyed looking at the pictures, I helped him turn the pages and he seemed to concentrate and really like it. The rhyming helped and I did different voices for all the mad characters (The Viking was basically Gerard Butler from How To Train Your Dragon). Overall it is an excellent book, I would recommend it for a personal reading experience for any young child, I think they would get a kick out of the main character having the same name, and the illustration and story is really unique. Each book is priced at £18.99 with free shipping.

The company was started by 3 dads and an uncle, who wanted to do a personalised book better than any before. Well done chaps, good work! That's how to get things done!

Also I should mention how excellent the website is. Go have a gander. Some websites seem like they are thrown together as an afterthought, but this one is really well designed. You can enter your name (or a child's) and get a preview of what the final book would look like. The mobile site (which I viewed on my iPhone) is also pretty ace. Check it out at Their Facebook site is here

Finally I have a COMPETITION to run! You can win 1 personalised book with your choice of name. Hey if you want your own name that's cool, don't feel you have to choose one for a young person you know. I won't judge. You can enter via Rafflecopter below.

If you don't win then no worries, using the below code you can get 15% off an order from the website, which is don't forget. The code is AWESOMEDADS15

Good luck and enjoy! :)

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Disclaimer: I was sent 2 Personalised books for the purpose of this review. All opinions/words/musings/excitement are my own.


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