Friday, 25 July 2014

Our New Door to Narnia!

Recently I have been on a bit of a DIY binge, I like being creative and making things so am always on the look-out for a new project. As soon as I have finished something I always want to have something else on the horizon that I can mull around in my brain and work out how to fit it all together etc, I should have been an engineer or a Lego tester! What I really like about being creative is that you can put your own spin on something, and make it unique to you. I love having my house full of things I have made that nobody else has.

What really excites me is when I have an idea for something that can benefit Albert as well, and fire up his imagination. A few weeks ago something popped in my brain and an idea just appeared out of nowhere, I actually can’t even remember how I came up with it! I was just on the sofa chatting with my wife and I just sort of thought of it. Immediately my brain was racing and I started thinking of all the possibilities of where I could take it. Now a month down the line it’s all done so I thought I would share it with you. Are you ready?

I have built my very own entrance to Narnia, Harry Potter inspired, floating door over the stairs!

Originally we had a little shelf over our stairs that just had a clock on. But that space was so big and empty, I wanted to put something there. I can’t for the life of me figure up how I came up with a door, but I did. I scouted around for old doors, and eventually my mum and step-dad had one on an old shed they were throwing out. Here it is:

It was pretty old and manky, but that’s what I wanted. I wanted the door to have character. I sanded it down and cleaned it, repaired all the broken bits and reinforced it where it was weak.

Next I decided that I wanted the door to look a bit old fashioned, so I brought a lion’s head door knocker, some black hinges, letterbox and handle in a sort of gothic style. I thought it would be pretty cool to have the letterbox actually work so I jigsawed a rectangle in the door so it would fit in. Next I jigsawed out a diamond shape for the door window. I didn’t have any glass for it, so I used a sheet of grey Perspex which I fit on the back with glue. Here is the plan of the door, before and after cutting.

Next I wanted to paint it a bright colour. My wife Lucy’s favourite colour is mustard, so we chose a Farrow and Ball gloss called Babouche, and I had painted a few coats of it. As this was a door on a wall, and not actually being used, I didn’t bother with a primer as nobody would be getting that close or ever touching it so I wasn’t too bothered about the finish being perfect.

Here is the door drying in my shed after painting.


Once the coats had dried, I had screwed on all the fixtures and fitted on the Perspex. The numbers we chose, 21 ¾ because 21 is our house number, and the ¾ is an homage to the 9 ¾ train platform to Hogwarts at King's Cross St Pancras.

The door was now done, and I needed to fix it up on the wall. The shelf isn’t particularly heavy duty so I didn’t want to balance a door on it and have it be unsafe, as no doubt it would fall off in the middle of the night and crush someone. So I screwed some plugs into the wall and fixed some wood boards on. Then I glued the door onto the boards and screwed through the door into them. (all that was easier said than done by myself). The door is going nowhere now! I hung off it to be sure and it took my weight. Finally I put in a board of wood I painted black underneath as a step.

And that’s my very own floating door to Narnia! 

I like the look on people’s faces when they realise there is a door above the stairs they can’t get to, and it really fills up that space above the stairs. I hope it inspires Albert and gets his imagination going. I’ll say to him if he is good then he can get to Narnia through it when he is older! If he wants I can get the step ladder out and even post a letter to Santa through the letterbox (although the letter would just be in the gap between the door and the wall - shhhhh). So what do you think?

Oh I almost forgot, I had one more thing I added to the door to make it extra cool. When it gets dark, you can make it do this...


  1. I'm very impressed! It looks so cool, especially when you have the light behind it at night!! x

  2. Finally checking out your blog after knowing Lucy for nearly a year lol! I saw the door when I popped round and it is awesome but I didn't know it glowed too! Totally epic for an child/manchilds imagination to run riot! I know where to come when I need one making! - Jade

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  4. I love what you created and what a cool door to have for any kid to admire let alone parents! It looks so great where you placed it too - I wonder how many of your guests will try to get to it to see if if opens...!!