Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Dream Nursery

Leading on from one of my past posts about Albert’s nursery, I came across a competition being run recently by www.littlestuff.co.uk, asking bloggers to put together their ‘Dream Room’. Basically if you could have unlimited cash and wanted to put together your ultimate dream room, what would be in it? Obviously I am hugely proud of Albert’s nursery, but I did have to scale down the plans somewhat (on account of me not being mega rich), so my dream room would be the ultimate Bedroom for him. So now I have chosen Bedroom as a theme and got to daydreaming on what I would put in it, I have come up with the following. I have gone for a Jungle theme, what do you think?

I have started at the John Lewis website www.johnlewis.com, with this Jungle Wallpaper. I would do every wall in it to start the Jungle theme off. It can be found here for £78 a roll.

Next I would get some Bamboo Blinds for the window from www.englishblinds.co.uk here to get that classic Jungle hut look. Using an estimate window size, I’d have them custom made for around £160.

To finish the decorating I would buy some Army Camo Nets and fix them to the ceiling to make it look like you are under a jungle canopy, they sell it here at www.surplusandoutdoors.com at £7.99 per net, and I would probably need 4-5 for our room.

Now the initial decorating is done, I fancy some lighting! We can't have a realistic camp fire like in the real jungle, so Banjado do some nice bamboo style lampshades and lamps for the wall, they are on Amazon here and here for £58.50 and £25.80 respectively.

To finish the decorating off and really tie the room together, how about a nice grass style rug? This one here is from the excellently named Land of Rugs at www.landofrugs.com, and the largest one is priced at £249.95.

I now I need some furniture, so I found this funky Safari Jeep Bed from www.houzz.com at around $420 (plus shipping from America to England I imagine!). It would be great for a child to pretend they are on Safari in!

We would need some storage as well, so have opted for something like these bamboo storage cabinets here and here from www.furnishinghomes.co.uk. It's actually bathroom furniture but I think it would fit in well here. It's priced at £101.63 and £50.53.

As this would be a room for Albert to grow up in, just while he is younger I would like some more children-y things, so I like the look of this colourful Jungle Bookcase from www.tesco.com, it’s £104 at the moment. Ideal for keeping Jungle explorer supplies on.

Next to the bookcase would be this great Jungle themed chair and stool from Argos at £169.99.

For extra relaxing when Albert is a bit older, this really funky company called Toer do a brillaint grass style hammock, it's 364 euros. Every room needs a hammock!

To finish the little chill out corner, I would have a fake plant (wouldn’t want to risk a real one with a chomping toddler!), they do a good jungle looking plant here at www.greatgardensonline.com for £40, so I would probably have 2-3 of these.

Now to get a bit fun! As this is a dream room, obviously it will have a Soft Slide. What better than an elephant design? When Albert is older we can remove it from the room, and put it in my bedroom instead. They sell for £100 over at www.implay.co.uk

To make the room extra jungle like, I have found this Funky Fish Tank over at www.petplanet.co.uk for £50. There are 3 tanks that sort of waterfall into each other. We’d get some fish for it as well obviously! (just not Piranhas like the real jungle).

On the water theme, what can be more jungle like than an Indoor Waterfall? This indoor one is around £300 from www.primrose.co.uk . Soothing splashy sounds at night.

To finish off the room, I found some great Melissa and Doug stuffed animal toys to dot around, from www.melissaanddoug.com. A tiger, giraffe, elephant, cheetah, zebra, alligator, orangutan and lion. Why not! I would definitely hang the orangutan from the ceiling! They are about $60-$100 each and then some for the shipping.

And that is about it for my dream jungle room I would design for my son. What do you think?

Good to be Home Dream Room Competition


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